View Full Version : 05 Corolla Tweeters? Front Components

01-14-2009, 06:17 PM
Im looking for something to run off an MTX4202. I need tweets that will A) Fit in the factory tweeter spot in the window sail or B) Possibly a descent set of coax's and the let the tweets run off the stock HU. I will not be changing the HU. I like the factory look. For my bass, Im running a 750 to 12 r's.

I will also be leaving the rear deck stock non amplified.

Or are there any recommendations to get components and just cut another hole in the door somewhere.

I searched through these forums and the only real thing thats of any help are all the pics of tearing out the stock 6.5.

My budget is around 100-150.


02-20-2009, 12:24 AM
update: I ran a pioneer GM-X402(35x2) to the front stock speakers. They sounded great, clean, and clear. Now this is the stock 6.5" with the stock tweeters in the sail panels.

I then bought some Alpines SPS-600 coaxials for the front. I also hooked up my MTX 4202(50x2). They sounded ok, but the highs were gettig drowned out from the door panel. So I reconnected the stock tweeter. Note that both these amps are running with HPF set to on 85HZ. That really woke the system up. Only fallback is that I lose the low midbass when switching to the Alpines from the stock. Whatever.

Ultimately, it sounds good, and clean. Stock tweeters so far, are hanging with this amp after a week of loud listening.