View Full Version : Impressions on old skool Eclipse SC8362

01-14-2009, 12:29 PM
Just wondering what people thought of the old skool Eclipse SC8362 component set...i have it layin around in my garage, was wondering if they are good speakers?

01-17-2009, 10:29 AM
I had them for a couple years, now have Hertz HSK 165s. I think if you really really know how to listen critically the Hertz is probably a more natural speaker with better representation of every aspect of a given sound. But having listened to them both for extended amounts of time, both with woofer in stock mounting position and tweeters in sails, I would say if you're not that critical of a listener and you're all about an over-emphasized 'instrumental attack', you'll have a hard time telling the difference or the Eclipses may even sound a bit better. The Eclipses didn't sound as good at 70 or 80 HZ as the Hertz do, but seem to have a smoother crossover. If I hear guitar I hear the finger plucking the string more sharply on the eclipse and psychologically that really helps make somethng sound realistic to alot of people. If Im listening to Hertz that one sound isn't so sharp but the body of the guitar note, the reverbration, and the finger sliding along the string are more apparent and natural. Vocals sound more natural on the Hertz with no EQ, probably due to a smoother tweeter. Wind instruments (sax, flute, etc...) have more 'breath' to them on the Hertz, sound flatter on the Eclipses.

When I installed the Hertzes i got the perfect sub/front stage blend at 80/80, almost no tweeaking required. No matter how much I tweaked I just never seemed to get the Eclipses to blend proberly with my sub. The Eclipses are a 'sharper' speaker' I guess with less midbass but they do well in the frequency ranges that make the sounds more real for some people. They seem to push forward certain frequencies that would normally be lost in the mix in live concert performances so to some they'll sound more real, to others who recognize that those sounds shouldn't really be coming through so clearly in that specific mix, it'll sound less real. The Hertz speakers have a smoother response where nothing is as likely to jump out at you so they'll probly sound better to a true audiophile looking for more tonal accuracy and an even response, but not as good for someone who likes some 'peakiness'. I would say for not being a forum boner or an often talked-about speaker, the Eclipses were very good. Mine were 100 watts RMS and I only gave them 60, ID imagine they'd sound pretty **** good with 140 or 150 watts. Very respectable front stage to a good system but know going into it what type of sound you'll be dealing with and that they may require some extra tuning. I also think the Eclipses would be less forgiving to a less than ideal positioning and aiming. My hertz 165s, with the same less than ideal install of mids in door panels and tweeters in sails, seem to still put out a more coherent sound and a good image.

01-17-2009, 04:30 PM
Wow! Thanks! I guess ill go with the IDs