View Full Version : $99 CDT Comps and Midbass CL-S60A + CL-6E

01-12-2009, 12:37 AM
Well I picked these up for my budget truck setup. I just wanted to spend around $700 on the entire setup. I paid $99 shipped for the comps and $69 Shipped for the mid bass from woofersetc on eBay.

I have yet to hook them up to an aftermarket amp as the seller who sold me the amp I purchased for them (mb quart dsc4125) sent me the wrong amp.

I installed these in the front and rear of my 2000 Silverado.

My initial impression out of the box was that they looked decent for the price but nothing special. I didnít expect much from these things at the price anyways but had heard several good things about them.

I deadened my doors and proceeded to install the tweets into the stock location on the door panel and the cross over on the door panel on the inside as well. I then mounted the mids into the stock location as well and hooked them up to the stock system.

For the rear the factory comes with 4*6 speakers and I took those out and replaced with the 6.5" mids. These mids are the same speaker as in the comp set it seems but 4 ohm since they are stand alone. I just cut a bit of metal and built up a divot in the factory space to make a level mounting surface. I installed them into the stock location after the minor modification with the grinder cut off wheel and files. After the door panels were all back on you canít tell at all that there are aftermarket speakers in the doors.

So hooked up to the stock Bose system I must say that I am impressed. The mids and produce some decent bass and the tweets seem relaxed but not too bad.

Keep in mind that we're talking about a setup that was $167 shipped. The mids do seem a bit muddy for my taste but it could be cause of the factory radio. I find when adjusting the treble up a bit that they come to life and sound much better. The tweets seem to be lacking power but hey...

I think that once I get these speakers onto a decent amp (not factory) that they will shine even brighter and be really impressive for the cost. These speakers in quality and volume blow away both the stock factory and aftermarket Kenwood coax speakers that came with the truck when I purchased it a few weeks ago. I am quite pleased with them and canít wait to hear them on the good amp and stereo.

I would for sure without hesitation recommend these to anyone who wants a budget system. I can play them extremely loud without any distortion and with quite nice quality.

I will also update with another review once i get the new head unit and amp in.

01-23-2009, 12:21 PM
Well, I have them powered now by a kicker zx650.4. They are getting about 120w each. I set the gains via dmm and a 0db test tone. I will say that I am wanting louder speakers. These things are incredible sounding for their price range. I really got them anticipating swapping them out almost right away. Instead I think I will keep them for a while. The quality is rather awesome for what they cost. I was down getting my remote start installed (only thing I won’t touch on a car) and the installer who I have known for many years now wanted to check my system out. I gave him a blast of the new nickleback cd. He had no clue what equipment I was using just that it was my "budget" build for my hunting truck. It was nice and clear enough that the tinting guy came over and had quite a bit of complements. I felt really bad for him when I saw the stack of pioneer coax speakers he had just spend a bundle on waiting to toss in his truck.

Knowing what I know about these speakers. I would recommend them to anyone going for a nice budget SQ system or even a moderate sq system. The set of RE SE 12's are a bit much for them imo but I also like blaring mids and harsh tweets. These are quite smooth and do get loud, just not as deafening as I like my speakers. Keep in mind one of my all time favorite sets of comps was my set of Diamond Hex 600 A's so I do like the in your face tweets. In a stock system these are such an upgrade that it would be dumb not to give them a shot.