View Full Version : Factory 09 Acura Stereo / Nav Questions

01-09-2009, 04:39 PM
Hi All, I'm fairly new to this whole thing so please bear with me.

I've got a factory 2009 Acura RDX and my friend has a factory 2009 Acura TSX. The main components that I know of are:

- Nav Unit (Alpine)
- Audio Unit (Panasonic)

The car already has a pretty good sound system (by my standards at least) but their are some features on the TSX that I really liked. Most notably the ability to use a USB Mass Storage drive or dock your iPod into the USB jack and have the songs appear on the Nav unit.

I know they have some 3rd party systems for this (DICE) for example but I'm more then willing to get the part from Acura and hook it up (if possible).

So pretty much thats my question. Do you think its possible for me to purchase the correct (Link: PART - See item #11) (http://www.acuraoemparts.com/delray/jsp/prddisplay.jsp?inputstate=5&catcgry1=TSX&catcgry2=2009&catcgry3=4DR+TECH&catcgry4=KA5AT&catcgry5=CONTROL%2BUNIT%2B%28CABIN%29%2B%281%29&ListAll=All&vinsrch=no) from Acura and hook it into my RDX?

I'm not sure how these systems connect together. I do plan on getting out my audio unit tonight so I can post some pics of what it looks like. Any help would be great, simply put what I'm trying to accomplish is this:
- Connect USB drive or iPod
- Show Playlist / Songs / etc... on the nav screen
- Not compromise factory components (XM, CD Changer, etc...)

I know that was a lot of reading lol, but I do want to be as clear as possible. I did have one second and far less important question. The TSX also allows for Bluetooth Audio Streaming. Basically when your phone is paired you can use your media player on your device to stream wirelessly through your audio system. I assume this is a function of the audio system and not the navigation system. I know their is a bluetooth unit in the TSX (Link: PART - See # 12) (http://www.acuraoemparts.com/delray/jsp/prddisplay.jsp?inputstate=5&catcgry1=TSX&catcgry2=2009&catcgry3=4DR+TECH&catcgry4=KA5AT&catcgry5=CONTROL%2BUNIT%2B%28CABIN%29%2B%281%29&ListAll=All&vinsrch=no) I'm also wondering if I can get that and hook it in. Although the price is astonishingly high for that part.

Any how thanks for any and all help you can provide me. I really do like this car, just a few nuances that I would like to have.

- SK