View Full Version : Powering CDT CL-641

08-07-2003, 03:06 PM
I just ordered the CDT CL-641 3-way component set ( 95w rms mas per side) for the front doors. My front doors will take the 6.5's so Iím obviously going to have to get custom kick panels made for the 4" mids. My question(s) are pertaining to powering options. Right now I have the Kenwood KAC 749s amp(40w rms/chan max) powering four 6.5", two way speakers - 60w rms max(2 front, 2 rear). I also have a Jenson amp powering a Sony 12" sub in low pass filter mode. Both amps are 2/3/4 channel capable, and the Kenwood is 2 ohm stable. My HU is the Kenwood MP-919 with 3 sets of pre-outs. Should I use the Kenwood amp to power the comps at 2 ohms and then use the Jensen in tri-mode to power the sub and rear speakers? Or should I keep my Jensen to power my sub and run the rear speakers off the HU just for some fill? Or, could I just keep the comps and rear running off the Kenwood. Will 40w rms be enough to power the comps and rear speakers? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

08-07-2003, 07:21 PM
I would go with Kenwood to power fronts(bridged), then the Jensen to power the sub, and the rear speakers should be just fine playing off the HU for fill.