View Full Version : Alpine IVA-D106 vs IVA-W505

01-06-2009, 12:22 AM
I am currently using Alpine IVA-D300 and it has been good to me for a long time. It is now time to upgrade. I am leaning on getting the D106 because its screen location will be the same as the D300 while the W505 would mean that the screen will be lower. This is quite a big thing for me as it is easier to watch with the screen up high and near the windshield (making it easier to see if the car in front of you has already moved) - i know its not a good thing to watch while driving but i live in the Philippines and traffic here is unbelievable. Bumper to bumper for a long long time.

Anyway, what hinders right now to just pick-up the D106 as against the W505 is that ive read that the W505 has a much better resolution than the D106. But that is on paper. Does this also hold true in reality? Can you really see the difference and is it a day and night difference?

For those who are into LCD/Plasma TVs, you would know that if the screen size is small such as a 32" or 26", watching 720p as against 1080p gives you almost the same picture quality. Majority of you wont see a difference at all given the small TV size. Now that we are only on a 7" LCD screen, does the increase in resolution of the W505 really translate in a day/night quality upgrade such that it would justify me getting the W505 against the convenience that i will have from the D106's screen position as being higher?

If there is someone here who has both the D106 and W505, an installer or shop owner perhaps, maybe you can take a screenshot of both the D106 and W505 playing the same DVD material. It would greatly help me.

Aside from the resolution, what else does the W505 have that the D106 doesn't if i wont use the NAV / Blackberry functions?