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01-04-2009, 05:03 PM
Hi -

I am in AZ and just bought an 08 Yukon Denali. The system it comes with has an overhead video screen, which is fed from the headunit. I want to keep it fairly stock and not go too exotic (sorry guys!). But I do want to add some headrest based DVD players in the 2nd row. I may be able to be talked into some headrest based monitors for the back row that can select either front headrest as their source (hopefully this makes sense!). I have no trouble finding a 2 headrest DVD player system, and even the ability to pipe the audio to the front deck via an FM Modulator (not thrilled about that)...but what I would like better is the ability to connect to the aux jack in the back seat.

So what systems/configuration will support having 2 headrest DVD players that will allow me to view either the local player or the other player on each headrest, plus one of them sends its signal (including video) to the AUX jacks in the back seat so I can view video or listen to audio on the OEM equipment?

I am not a car audio expert, but it seems to me I can get a splitter of some kind and make the signal from one of the units go to the aux jacks fairly easily.

Oh, and I want something that doesn't look bad in the car. I saw Audiovox has a 500 dollar solution with 2 DVD players in headrest replacements (vinyl!) and that obviously won't work at all. I am not even sure if that will allow for the signal to be split to the aux jacks or not. So good performance on the screens, custom install option and quality would be the requirements.

So, please tell me what components I need to buy, and if anyone has an installer in AZ, please pass along a recommendation for that as well!

Happy New Year!


01-06-2009, 10:39 PM
Look into vizualogic, while being pricey some of the best quality screens I have installed