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01-01-2009, 09:45 PM
Ok I know nothing about car audio on the level of what I am seeing here. I found this site looking at/for the Alpine ida x100 and found the thread thats going on it.

I bought a 2006 colorado 4 door truck about 3 months ago and it had a cheap JVC kd140 HU and some cheap kenwood speakers.

So far I have put in a 10" Image Dynamics sub on a kicker zx08400 Just put in the Alpine ida x100 HU and I have tried infinity speakers in the doors and not real happy with them today just put in the front doors some planet audio pro speakers ya they sound way better "to me" thats all that counts right? I also bought a zapco i-force amp a i-450 for the door speakers its not installed yet and I think I am going to use the symbl link system thingy ma jig?? ya I have some more home work to do on that and with the weather work etc. probably be another month. LOL

Well I really enjoyed looking around this site and look fwd to reading/looking at it some more. After this amp and one more set of good speakers my deal is done.

What I am really into is my Harley so next project is some things I want/need to do to it to be ready to RIDE 09

Will be hanging out for a while plus I have to see how that van comes out with the 60 plus speakers.


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yo,welcome bro.

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