View Full Version : size box for 18" mt?

12-28-2008, 02:48 PM
what should i make the box? its for one 18" MT in a mustang. we removed the back seat and leveled the floor so far. its not gonna be a "wall", its gonna come up to the rear deck only, and the back of the box will extend into the trunk (thru the hole where the rear seats were)

anyways, for ports, he has 3 aero ports from an old box, so i want to just use those. itll be alot easier. i BELIEVE they are either 4 or 6" aeros. he will measure later and ill let you guys know. either way, how much net airspace should i go for?

im thinking maybe 5-6 cubes?

power is an mmats 2200w rms amp i believe.

ill be building the box tomorow, and ill post up some pics.