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12-28-2008, 03:33 AM
The first thing came into mind is an application that can help you convert SWF to the video that is available to your mobile phone, here I would like to share with you a smart tool, Aunsoft SWF to Go (http://www.aunsoft.com/swf-to-go/), and a mobile phone capable of video playback with Infrared, Bluetooth, or USB. And first things first, you need to convert SWF flash to 3GP, MP4, WMV, MPG, AVI Video with Aunsoft SWF to Go. Why, you may wonder, I recommend SWF to Go?
This is a special application for mobile customers, and it supports multiple video formats supported by different devices, including IPhone, Blackberry, HP iPAQ, Dell Axim and regular mobile phones, to name just a few.

Now let’s take a look how to convert SWF to iPhone MP4 (http://www.aunsoft.com/swf-to-go/) video, Blackberry AVI video, Blackberry AMR video, Blackberry 3GP video, and Blackberry MP4 video Dell Axim WMV video, HP iPAQ video.

Step 1: Download and install Aunsoft SWF to Go, after the download is finished, run setup program and follow the installation wizard instructions.
This is the major interface when the program is launched.

Step 2: Run Aunsoft SWF to Go and input your SWF File.
Click the button of “Add”, you will see a popup window, and then choose a flash SWF file and click “open” to input it into the file list of Aunsoft SWF to Go. When the SWF file is input successfully, the file name will present above the profile box.

Step 3: Choose a profile and set up the conversion parameters
Choose a profile or in other words, choose the mobile you are using, and the video fotmat that your mobile phone support for your iPhone or mobile phone. You can choose to do detailed settings by clicking the button of “Settling” next to the profile box if you need. Set values of the parameters and select proper codecs for the output 3GP or MP4 video.

Step 4: Set up a proper video output file path
Click the Browse... button next to Output File Name field and select a location on your hard disk for the output video file.
Tips: When you select a location for your output video file, you should save the file to your personal computer hard disk.

Step 5: Convert your SWF files
After you have set up all the conversion parameters and setup the output video file path hit the bottom right button “Convert” to start converting if you want to convert a group of SWF files at one time. This is the batch mode conversion.

If you want to do some changes or settings and output customized video, you can select Single conversion mode and hit "Convert” next to the profile box on the left corner.

Step 6: Load your output 3GP or MP4 video to your mobile, including Blackberry, HP iPAQ, Dell Axim, and iPhone etc.
Turn on your phone and connect it to your computer via USB, Infrared or Bluetooth.
Every mobiles has its own different built-ins, so different mobiles requires of different way of transferring 3GP or MP4 video form computer to phone.
If you have an expandable memory slot on your phone with a memory card then you can simply put the memory card into a memory card reader and transfer the data by connecting the memory card reader with your computer. And you can transfer the 3gp videos to your memory card and then put the memory card back to your mobile phone. You are able to view the 3GP or MP4 video on your mobile phone now.

The second option is to transfer by USB. This way of transferring, however again depends on the phone you have and the cables that came with it. For some mobiles transferring 3GP or MP4 video to mobile from computer is simply a case of connecting the phone and computer with the cable and using the phone like a removable disk, while some phones require software or a certain program to be installed on the computer first to enable you to connect your phone and your computer.

The third option is Bluetooth. You can transfer 3GP or MP4 video files via Bluetooth from a computer proving that both your computer and your phone support Bluetooth. Turn the Bluetooth both on your computer and your mobiles on, and search your phone on with your computer or vice versa. And locate the converted 3GP or MP4 videos on your computer and send them to your phone.
To sum up, it all depends on what kind of mobile phone you are using.
You can enjoy your favorite flash game or flash movie on your mobile phone after you finished converting and transferring converted 3GP or MP4 video to your mobile.