View Full Version : SPX-17REF bi-amping/gains/power help.

12-27-2008, 12:44 PM
Im currently finishing my install, I'm running them with the supplied xovers togther with a Pioneer PRS88II. An amp upgrade is next probably the PRS-D420(4x75W RMS/4x150W peak 4ohm) or other similar 4-channel amp.

Assuming I want to bi-amp the xovers what kind of power/gains should I be feeding the mid's and tweeter's respectively. The speakers are rated 75W RMS 225W peak, do I just send 75W to each i.e gains are set identicaly on each pair of channels on the amp?


Channel 1--> XOVER 1 Mid Input --> Front Left Mid Output
Channel 2--> XOVER 2 Mid Input --> Front Right Mid Output

Channel 3--> XOVER 1 Tweeter Input --> Front Left Tweeter Output
Channel 4--> XOVER 2 Tweeter Input --> Front Right Tweeter Output