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08-03-2003, 01:29 PM
Ok folks, here's the deal. I'm wanting to build an SPL box for my Pioneer Premere TS-W1241C. Right now I'm runnin it in a 2.25 cu.ft. ported box tuned to 35-ish Hz. With 300watts RMS and the bass firing through a gas tank and leather seat, I'm pumpin out 128.2 db. Anyone know what size ported box I could build that would possibly pump me up into the 130's? I plan on just poppin the new box on the back seat and calling it good. I also need a good port frequency and port dimensions to use. I'm doing this box real quick for a the DBdrags thats goin on today. I'm gonna be using the Bass Mechanic 5 CD....track 18. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!!

08-03-2003, 03:46 PM
Bigger box, remove/fold seat, tune higher, use different, higher frequency music ...

I do plan to do all of that....but as I said I'm needing suggestions on the box size and port frequency. Any help would be awesome. THANKS! :)

08-03-2003, 04:20 PM
Well I went out, ripped out my rear seat and decided that I'm gonna build a 7.3 cu.ft box (55x24x12) box with two 4" ports that are 4" long....that will tune it to 45hz. Well....thats according to a port calculator that I found online anyways. Now I'm off to get some wood glue, 1.25" wood screws and some MDF. I'll snap some pics and post results later. :D

08-03-2003, 07:53 PM
I'd say more like four 4" ports that are 6.5" long or five 4" ports that are 9" long ...

Ok, I've decided to go with your suggestion of four 4" ports 6.5" long. I've got all the wood cut out and the holes drilled. The sub fits in the hole with no problemo. Oh...and I'll be able to get the box in and out of the car easily. ;) The only problem I'm runnin into is my 4" hole saw is .5" too small! Now I gotta trim all the ports out to fit the PVC piping I'm using for port tubes. UGH! Anyways....here are some pics...


08-03-2003, 09:00 PM
nice.................... tell me how u came out at the db drags.

08-05-2003, 05:11 PM
Well I finished the box too late to make it to the DBdrags. .D.A.M.N.I.T.!!! (sorry...had to get around the censoring) The box with this sub is absolutly CRAZY! I can actually stand outside and watch the windshield and roof flex. Whats really weird is that I thought that with bigger ported box the bass was supposed to get more boomy. This box did the opposite, its actually more accurate and punchy than my old box for some reason. After a few days of runnin around with this cavern of MDF in my back seat the sub has started to really loosen up and is starting to bottom out alot. :( So it seems that this box size was just too much for the little Pioneer. Next up...Elemental Designs E15a powered by a US Acoustics USX800D in the same box! THAT should pump my DB rating up just a tad. I do wish however that I could have gotten a db reading before this Pioneer started to meet its manufacturer. BTW....here are a couple of pics of the box installed in my back seat. Errr....I mean replacing my back seat...


08-05-2003, 05:47 PM
why does everyone use track 18 there. some guy told me to use that track and i went from a 133 to a 138

08-05-2003, 06:01 PM
why does everyone use track 18 there. some guy told me to use that track and i went from a 133 to a 138

Uhhh....because it basicly does several full bass sweeps. That way if you don't know what your cars resonant frequency it it will eventually hit it.....several times. Plus its just fun to watch the sub spazz out as the frequencies go up and down. :D