View Full Version : 6 disk cd changer

12-25-2008, 01:42 PM
The car I have has a 6 disk cd changer. I put a cd in the 1st slot and it played just fine. After work, I decided to put a few more cds in since they were just laying around my car. I put a cd in the 2nd slot and it said there was an error and it didn't play, so I tried to eject it and it wouldn't come out. So I said **** it and decided that I would just listen to the cd I had already put into the 1st slot. When I tried to play that one, it also said there was an error. So I tried to eject the 1st one and that wouldn't come out either. So now the cd player won't eject any of the discs, take any new discs, or play any of the discs that are already in there. I need to know what to do because I have the day off tomorrow and I am so close to going to a store and blowing money I just got for christmas on a new cd player, and I really needed to save my money to get a tv for my new apartment. Help me please. :(