View Full Version : Experts Please help!

12-21-2008, 10:26 PM
So I am planning on installing a single 10'' sub into my 08 Silverado Ext. Cab in the next few days. I already have the sub, amp, wiring, and stereo adapter. Now the most important part... the BOX

I know a guy at a local shop who said he would help me build a box. However, I am trying to decide between ported and sealed.

My sub is a FiCaraudio SSD 10. It runs at about 800-850 RMS power. On Fi's site the box recommendations for ported and sealed are as follows:
SSD 10
Sealed box: .2-.6 cuft
Ported box: .9-1.5 cuft @ 33Hz

Similar boxes from subthump.com are about .9'' cu in volume.
I know its better to be on the higher side of the range to get the best sound and lows. Would it be better to go sealed?

Advice would be appreciated!