View Full Version : Wild Idea workable?! Atom powered tablet netbook + Trends USB + Alpine H701

12-21-2008, 01:52 AM
I just got a used H701, might get the C701 for setting up the thing. I've pretty much figured out the downstream equipment for a decent 2way active. Its the source that's bothering me.

I've a pair of Seas Neo paired w/ Audison 65wx2 , maybe 18sound 6ND430 for mid(other mid choice welcome....) paired Tru 200wX2. Sub is a 12" IDv3

As a programmer by trade, I've always want to do a carputer, yet the cost and the hassle of installation just kinda hold me back.

With the new intel Atom chip, things are getting easier & cheaper, low watt, high performance. There is a carputer w/ this chip (portwell). But to me it's still too cumbersome and low price/perfermance. If we can get a tablet netbook that can just slide into a custom placeholder (screen facing up). Then hookup to a Trends audio UD 10.1 USB transport (Not USB DAC), that can spit out SPDIF into the Alpine H701, then I think it'd be a very very versatile setup. Any movie, video, music. digitally feed a highend DAC+crossover like H701. I have like 300+ gb of FLAC files at home, and I'm not gonna burn/convert all of them just for car....

The OS can be anything, Car Linux. A very stripped down version of winxp. Booting the sucker is no issue. Not to mention sticking a USB GPS dongle, get a copy of the latest map, and you got a highend GPS gadget as well.

Anyone got this kinda setup have some pointers, suggestions? Any owner of H701 see a problem in this kinda setup? There are currently only 2 atom tablet the Fijutsu and Gigabyte, but I'm sure many more would come on the market.

Frankly I was gonna just get a decent Alpine DVD HU to hookup the H701 and be done w/ it. But I just can't justify spending 500+ for a HU these day, when a netbook/laptop is around the same price.

I mainly listen jazz, vocal, soundtrack, lounge and some techno.