View Full Version : Small box for 2 cvr10s?

12-20-2008, 02:56 PM
I got a great deal on 2 kicker cvr10s (2008 model) but from what I've read most ppl run them in bigger ported boxes. My box is goin on the rear deck of a 98 camaro, I don't have alot of room to work with. I'm also slightly underpowered with a JBL GTO 601.1(580W rms @14.4). The specs for the recommended sealed box have a huge range, .8-3 cuft, 400W rms for smaller box 300W rms for bigger. My plan for the box was 39x15x8 sealed w/seperate chambers, that comes out to 1.86 cuft(.93 each). I may be able to get some more height, but it would look awkward and the subs would be very close to the glass. I listen to mostly metal/rock so hard, fast hits are the priority, but of course I do like to "show off" from time to time with some really low bass tracks. Will this work with these subs, I'm kinda stuck with them now, but I couldn't pass on the deal.