View Full Version : 04+ grand prix parts, ZZP/Inferno/SPO/SE/Thrasher

12-17-2008, 12:48 PM
Item 1 : Inferno Spoiler painted Galaxy Silver 04+

It is in amazing condition, it could use a buffing but I kept it waxed over the summer, there is a small hairline crack that you can't even tell unless your looking for it right on the back of the spoiler, but like I said you cannot see it unless you look for it. This thing is ready to go on your galaxy silver 04+.


250.00 Picked up.

Item 2 : SE front Fascia painted Galaxy silver, 04+

It is in good shape, there are some scratches along the bottom that you don't even see. There is a small chip that can be easily touched up. This was on my car for about 6 months total. I'd rate the paint finish a 7/10. It's not perfect but it was on my car all show season and it was never pointed out to me, and it looked good to me.


175.00 Picked up.

I'll do 400 picked up if someone wants both of them.

Item 3 : ZZP 1.0 ECU..No core charge!

It was in my 04 GTP Comp-G, I had the following mods: 18tstat/cai..and that's about it.


100.00 Shipped..Pretty good deal if you ask me!

Item 4 : Silver Painted SPO Grilles

Perfect condition, one clip is broken off the back, but that doesn't really mean anything.


60 Shipped

Item 5 : Thrasher CAI 04+ Grand prix. Included is the filter, the box, all hardware, and the ECU tray. The lid is scratched a bit..the filter will come to you cleaned and lubed.


115.00 Shipped.

Item 6: Knu Koncepts 0ga..I was going to use this to do my big 3. but just used kicker wire. there is enough here to do battery to alt, engine block to ground, and battery to ground.


30.00 Shipped

All prices are pretty firm. I am pretty sure I am being fair. Paypal only, I am saving for a new car and this goes directly in "The G8/SS fund". Please PM me on here, or email me at [email protected] You can also AIM me at jeffs42885. I am located in NEPA, which is about an hour south of the ny border towards binghamton, an hour west of the NJ border, and about 2 hours north of philly. I will meet for the bigger stuff a reasonable distance but I would rather ship everything else out.

Thanks for looking!