View Full Version : Opinions on ID CD-1Ev2MH & kicks

12-15-2008, 11:19 PM
I've got 2 separate questions here. I drive a '94 Toyota Supra and I've done the performance mod thing. Having been on the forums related to the car, I've seen that most people do standard installs of standard equipment. Wanting to do something different, I decided to look into these mini-horns (the only ones that will fit under the dash on the passenger side due to dash electronics and plastics).

While casting a WTB net here I got a PM from someone telling me that they didn't like these specific horns because they are "piezo" type. I don't really know much about horns, I really only picked them over conventional tweets because I wanted to do different. As a reference (pun intended) my last serious system was over 10 years ago using MBQ Reference fronts actively x/o with PPI Art Series A300, A300 and an A600 on a Soundstream Reference 12".

Obviously I'm pretty old.

Anyway, the questions.

1) Can I get your opinion on using these on my daily driven, lots of variety music listening, never competing in shows, car? Versus conventional tweets?

2) On the passenger side I have THREE different factory computers plus some performance piggyback computers attached to them. Will an 8" midbass kick-panel mounted, interfere with these computers? Am I supposed to magnetically shield kick panel speakers? Or should I stick with the high 6" door location for my mid? FYI, due to the way the window and interior steel are in the door, only a narrow 6" can fit in there; I've currently got MBQ Q-series mids in there and they hit the steel door frame.

Outer door skin has 2 layers of Dynamat Extreme with an overlay of Dynamat Dynaliner. The inner steel frame has a single layer.

Thanks in advance for your help.