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12-12-2008, 07:53 PM
Its been over 10 years since I've been doing this stuff as a hobby. First amp was a Precision Power PC2400. I've went through a few amps since then (didn't fry any of them). And I'm back to using the PC2400. So? are they going to make good amps like this anymore?

I have a stock HU with front outputs hooked to high inputs on a MTX RT-X01A Electronic Crossover. Head phone jacks to RCA hooked up to a Phoenix Gold line driver which is hooked up to the low inputs on the crossover. This is hooked up to the PC2400 that runs in tri-mode powering 4 Pioneer TS-D602P 6.5s and a bridged 8" Polk MM in a self designed 1.37 cubic ft ported box tuned to 43 Hz. Made my own passive crossovers, saved some money. This little gem setup can be hooked up to practically anything. I've yet to find an aftermarket HU that even comes close to picking up radio stations like the stock does.

I usually have a MTX TA7801 running a MTX T8510-44, in a self designed 2 cubic ft ported box tuned to 40 Hz off the crossover's low pass, but Michigan's winters are harsh on bass equipment.

Well, that's me.

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Wow, cool story, could you tell me that again sometime?

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I thought tri-mode was for 3-way component sets

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I thought tri-mode was for 3-way component sets

Tri-mode is sometimes called 'Mixed Mono Output', not all of the 2 channel amps have this ability but many do, but its an option that is hardly ever used. When you use the proper crossovers its possible for the sub to receive 4 times the out put that would go to the regular speakers. If this is enough bass for someone a separate bass amplifier wouldn't be necessary. For instance if you took the larger old school precision power PC21400, one could design a high pass crossover with a volume slide to reduce the wattage to component speakers (no reason to send over 300 watts rms to one of those anyways) while the sub would still be getting roughly over 1000watts.