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12-07-2008, 05:50 AM
Hey guys,

Name's Aaron. New here, so make me feel welcome :D.
I'm in Australia, and I'm only 17, so I don't get much money for my car audio, but atm have a set of Hertz ESK-165, some crappy pioneer 6x9's and a JVC HU running all the speakers.

By christmas I'm hoping to have a 4ch Amp and the Hertz ECX690 in my car, if anyone has opinions on that set, I'd like to hear it because I can't find anything..
Also, opinions on a 4ch amp to run that setup, and soon to run a 12" sub.. I'm liking the Hertz ES 300.

I'm sorta sticking with hertz because I haven't really listened to much else, but am reallly pleased with the ESKs, enough so that I don't need anything better than them, so I'm hoping the rest of their gear is as good as it.

Oh, and btw, I drive a Mitsubishi Magna '96 which I'm extremely happy with for my first car.

Thanks guys :D

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Howdy :wave:

12-07-2008, 01:55 PM
this into is so much better than the last one i was just in,
thank you

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