View Full Version : Help with 4 subwoofer box

12-06-2008, 12:17 PM
So i have a van the back 56 inches long and at 14 inches high you have 24 inches to the back door, at 35 inches you have 15 inches to the door(the seat slants toward back door). I m trying to hook up four 12 inch kicker L5's and I want a port in the box as well,if heard to put a port in the back and put the subs right next to each other, put three on the bottom on the top and port the two sides, make a wall with a port on the bottom, what are my other options or is one of those options good?
I also want a nice material to use, besides for the same old gray carpet, again what are my options?
Thank you for your help, if you can design one for me that would be really awesome.