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12-05-2008, 04:46 PM
Just getting into car audio here. Needed a new hobby, and of course, I had to pick a **** expensive one. Pretty addicting though.

Just started off messing with my car here, when I first decided to go with some upgrades, I went to best buy - bought two by9's, did a bit of work, made a baffle, and fit them into my car. Thought, "Hey, those sound good. Need a front upgrade."

Looked around, grabbed a pair of pioneer speakers for my front stage. Well, they didn't pan out too well. Didn't keep up with the rear stage much. Went on from there, to wanting more power for my rear speakers. Rigged up an inverter, plugged in my old sony home audio unit to it, and ran the two back speakers to it. Well, it gave them power, but didn't put a clean signal out - speakers were too low of a resistance. Finally went and got an actual amplifier (hifonics, budget), which has worked for me since.

Just got a new car in today, an Infiniti G20, for cheap, but excellent condition with no problems. Going to be rigging up my b9's in it, along with the amplifier, and keep the front stage normal, until I get my new speakers for that - getting some Rainbow SLX265 comps.

During all that, I've been gradually becoming more informed and knowledgeable just by paying attention to what others said, and putting priority on those who are known to be reliable and back up their information. Learned quite a bit so far, and it's been beneficial. I'd like to think I've grasped the electrical concepts much more so than others - due to my background in physics, still in high school, but I'm entering my third year of physics.

As for me here, outside of my audio history... 17, in high school atm, trying to finish up this **** senior year of high school, and get out into the world. Trying to manage off a minimum of money, restrictive parents, and a host of idiots around me. Not to sound conceited or anything, but honestly, there's a lot of idiots in the world -.-

Said plenty already here, already a wall of text. That's me in a nutshell.

12-05-2008, 04:53 PM
Welcome to CA.