View Full Version : New to the site,but probably older than most, W-S,N.C.

11-30-2008, 03:26 AM
Just decided to join today after lurking around for a couple of months. Been in and out of Car audio for years( longer than most who are here on this site have been alive probably-21yrs). Put it to you this way one of my first stereo systems consisted of:
Alpine 7390 HU w/cd changer
JBL pro plates
JBL Pro 6x9"s
2 RF Punch 45's
1 RF Punch 150
2 RF Punch 15's
And that was back in 88'. Getting back into it again since my oldest son will start driving in about 3yrs and see how he will react with it. But **** how this stuff has change in the last 6 yrs since I have been into it. What I payed back in the day for a 150 can't believe what you get now. Kinda makes your head spin a little.

Anyways, here's to bringing another car system junkie on board, and maybe a least one more.:D


11-30-2008, 05:04 PM
I am fairly new here also but I have also been in the game for a while. That is a nice list of RF, man those 150's were a hot item back then. If you had a 200 watt amp then you were the baddest thing out there, lol

I used to have Linear Power years ago and I had nine of them, 452, 952, 2002, 2202, 150IQ, 5002 and others. They were great amps but you had to pay for it. I remember the LP 2202 was 540.00 on up depending on the color of the heatsink. I paid 310.00 for the 952. I now use Lunar amps which I find is compairable to the old school products, no flames or flashing lights only raw power.