View Full Version : Tweeter Pods

07-23-2003, 07:45 PM
Hey guys, i have Kicker Comp Resolutions RS6's
and the tweeters came mountet in pods to put inside the actually woofer to kinda make a coax out of speaker, well i couldn't get them out so i used a dremel and cut the bracket to get them out, and now they are flush mounted in my doors and i need to take my panel off to get in there and i don't know how to get the out of flush mount pods :|
i can't cut this with dremel cause i actually have to use it. I've tryed pulling..... i don't wanna pull too hard though cause i don't wanna rip grills off or anything. PLEASE HELP!
is there a trick or something? it came with a little wire thing that fits inside the grill that looks like it could be used to pull, but i tried that and it didn't do anything, i'm stumped here, thanks

07-23-2003, 09:38 PM
you sure you didn't just buy some fancy coaxials and just dremel the tweeter portion off? ;) did you try twisting? caressing? yelling at it? did you install the tweeters? if so, then theoretically you could contain the knowledge to uninstall them and are having trouble accessing the knowledge. so i gues bang your head against the wall? :) i would try twisting, if they are flush mounted then they may have little locking rings around the pods, or they could be anchored in with screws.