View Full Version : Pioneer AVIC-F900BT vs Eclipse AVN52D

11-29-2008, 03:09 AM
anyone have one of these yet? im thinking of getting one for the money seems to be a good unit with navigation. but herd the boot time is bad and bluetooth sometimes *****. so has anyone ever had these issues im debating between this and a Eclipse AVN52D. what would be the better unit?

12-18-2008, 09:04 PM
I have had the Pioneer AVIC-F7010BT and the Eclipse AVN52D.

Actually, I have had 2 F7101BTs. The first one crashed after a week. The second one crashed after about 2 months.
Annoying features on the Pioneer:
- No hard off button, so you have to go through a couple of onscreen menus to turn the radio off
- The MUTE button..is actually integrated with that round joystick type knob on the left side of the unit. To engage the mute, press and hold the joystick knob down for about 3 seconds...radio is muted. Try doing THAT while you are driving 50mph! If your hand moves up/down/left/or right you will change the radio station or something else (I don't remember). If you let go too soon (including going over a bump), the Voice Command option starts up.
- The unit takes about 40 seconds to start up
- The backup camera has a limited view
- The backup camera was installed on the license place bracket....right up against the hatch release on my minivan...don't know if they have other install options
- System is sluggish/slow to respond to screen "presses"

Eclipse AVN52D - had it 2 days.
- LOVE it!
- Eclipse is made by Fujitsu TEN which is owned by Toyota. This system is similar to the Toyota nav. MUCH better interface than the Pioneer. Seems like the Toyota guys actually DRIVE with the NAV as opposed to Pioneer who seemed to come up w/ a slick interface, but it is annoying to use.
- Backup Camera can see the edge of the bumper AND quite a ways out behind the car
- Dumb bluetooth setup(?), but it works. No need to transfer your phone book to the car. The bluetooth will access your phone's voice command system if it has one.

That's all for now...but I had 2 pioneer's crash on me between 10/18/08 and 12/15/08. I would say to stay away from the Pioneer.

12-18-2008, 09:32 PM
Isnt the AVN52D the one with out sub preouts?

I would at least try the model up from that if so.