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07-23-2003, 12:46 AM
ok Im installing a set of Clarion components up front a st of Clarion coax in the rear a Clarion HU and a 4ch coustic amp. Later Ill add (1) 12 and a 2ch amp to run it. The components do not come with a crossover so what Im thinking is running the tweeters off the HU and the rest off the speackers off the amp. Is it a good idea to do it this way. This is going in a Hundai Santa Fe.

07-25-2003, 01:35 AM
I dont think you want to do it that way. twets dont like low freqency and your deck will give them low freqencys wich could blow the twet.(unless the deck has a high pass filter on it.) go down to your local speaker store and ask for a small cap to cut off the low frequecys. if you go to the right place they should know exactly what im talking about. then wire the cap in parrallel with the twets and then wire those in parrallel with the mid and amp them. if the store sells you an inductor than just wire it in series with the twet. if you cant find a store to help you write back and tell me the resistance of just your twet and the freqency responce of the twet, and i can tell you what size of cap to get. then just run down to radio shack if you have one in your area and buy one. you might want to check your twet for a cap first if it already has one dont worry about what i said but i would still wire the twet and mid in parrallel and amp them.

that's what i would do. good luck. :cool: