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11-23-2008, 10:49 PM
As im waiting for my new RE SX 12 D2 to get here I am contemplating and researching enclosure design. My current enclosure is about 1.75 cu.ft. ported to something like 38hz. It was built "professionally" for the Kicker CVX 12 that is in it and I will probably throw the RE in that to get it going while I work on a new enclosure for it, but it could be a while. The CVX is damaged though and i was thinking maybe that box is tuned too high for daily listening. Could my sub be damaged from unloading under 38hz too often? The CVX has never sounded good at all on the low end. As far as I understand if the box was tuned to something lower like 32hz it wouldn't be as loud in the same ranges as it is now but would I pick up better bottom end sound? Ive got a lot more questions for the knowledgeable people on here but I will wait and see if anyone responds to this to type the rest. Just for general information my new setup is going to be a the RE on 2 Kicker kx400.1's strapped.

11-23-2008, 10:50 PM
i don't think you can strap two kicker 400.1's

11-24-2008, 01:42 AM
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11-26-2008, 03:09 PM
ok, maybe some of the more technical questions will get answered. I see all these questions about minimum port volume. What about maximum? If ive got enough space to work with what keeps me from building a port thats as big as the enclosure itself? What limits do you see here, what differences would there be as far as output, port noise and SQ? Im trying to figure out what width I want the slot port for my RE SX. What determines the optimal enclosure volume for a specific sub. According to RE "optimally" my SX should only be in a maximum of 2.0cu.ft, if i have the space to go 3.0, why not? My enclosure is going to take up all of the useable space in my hatch no matter whether it is 2.0 or bigger, thats why im wondering. Also while im posting all this, how far away from the back wall of my hatch should the rear of the enclosure be? I cant seem to find a general consensus on this question as many times as it has been asked. Right now it is about 10 inches away and I got an insane amount more cabin gain with my previous CVX setup than any of the other 4 cars it had been in. I definately want to face it to the back, will I hear anything bad from it if its only a couple inches away?