View Full Version : Alpine H701 help, DTS Dolby Vs. LPCM

11-17-2008, 08:24 PM
I am having a problem with my H701, when playing in dolby mode, the sound is much lower (volume) then when in LPCM mode. The Sub also sounds very different, more pronounced in LPCM and less so in Dolby 5.1. I am running fiber optic with a MC LS200 light speed cable. Yes, all the gain settings on the head unit for DTS/Dolby etc.. are set to +5 and yes i tried adjusting the output of the surround channels to the highest point, but when i do so, I get hiss when a low section of talking is present.

What should my X-overs settings be? I am not running active and using a CDT front M6-mid bass/up200 passive upstage DRT 25/26 tweats X-over and rear CDT HD6-midbass & Mclass tweats passive X-over and Boston G5/GTR sub combo.

If not running active should all of the slope settings be set to off? According to the PXA manual this will not allow the frequency to pass through the filter, correct? And my passive x-overs take care of the x-over task. When in dolby almost all is played through my Alpine center channel speaaker.