View Full Version : Kenwood 6982IE coaxials.. Problems?

11-17-2008, 04:31 PM
Not sure if this is a problem with the speakers, or the amplifier - I would hazard a guess at the amplifier, though.

Anyways, my problem is fairly simple - I have a 4 way amplifier that is rated at ~115 RMS at 8 ohms (well, 115 RMS to each left and right, but the right isn't working properly - a separate problem I'll need to look into - I only have it hooked into the left here), and I'm powering these two Kenwood 6x9 speakers off of this here. As its running at 4 ohms (I think? Hooked them into each channel of the left side - each speaker is 4 ohms), they should be getting plenty of power. Each speaker is rated at 90 RMS, and that should put at least that through them.

However, if I turn up the volume, the woofer cuts out. The rest of the speakers play fine, and turn up in volume, but I lose the entire woofer. The strangest part I thought was that if I turned down the volume for 10 or 15 seconds, then turned it back up to a moderate level, the woofer was playing again. But after a certain point, the higher the bass levels, the faster it would go off.

I was uncertain as to the cause of this -.- Any assistance? Is it running the amp at a lower resistance than it is rated too? The amp doesn't get hot at all, so.. And I have no gain levels to play with at all. Old amp. Just defeats.

11-19-2008, 04:31 PM
TTT ^^

Another odd thing I noticed today. At a certain volume level, I seem to start hitting the maximum bass level the speakers can take. Seem too, I've never had them run on a proper amp, so I'm not quite sure. Starts popping a bit at the top. Rather than having all the bass cut out, I get some of it knocked out, and I can crank it up 6-7 notches more, before I start getting the same thing. Like, half the bass stops playing, but I still have some of it and the woofer still playing. And it sounds a lot cleaner like this, too. If I turn it up too high from that point, I lose the entire bass again.

The strange part is the midrange and the tweeters all sound clear as heck. I have absolutely no problems with them, they remain clear all the way up until near max volume. At which point I get some slight distortion, but only slight. And that's at volume levels 15-16 notches above where I start losing the bass first.