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11-09-2008, 11:52 PM
Hello guys. New to the forum, first post. This is what i have currently. Alpine cda 9855 head unit with the amp link brain box and the i-pod brain box aswell. That sums up the controls of the system. I have the mrv -f345 4 channel alpine amp ran to a set of mb quartz pce-216 mids and highs in the front and a set of alpine type r 6 1/2" coxials in the rear for fillers. thats it for my mids and highs. they sound great and dont want to mess with them. they get pretty loud and stay clean very satisfied with this set-up.

Just need alittle more bottom end. Right now i have 2 sub amps, they are the mrd-m600. 600 watts rms apiece. I have 1 amp per sub. The subs are eclipse 12" sw8812 series. i believe there the 2002 or 03 models and they handle 500 rms each. dual 4 ohm voice coils aswell. each sub is wired up at 2ohm on each amp and the box has a divider in the middle and each chamber is 1.2 cubic feet.

All this is in a 89 bronco II right now. I just got a 94 civic lx " has a trunk". I want to swap everything out. I have planned where evrything is going and it looks good. the only problem i seem to run into is the lack of bottom end in the subs. dont get me wrong i love my eclipse's, there super clean and drop way low but just dont get as loud as i want them. eclipse recomends sealed boxes only for these subs. has anyone atempted to port these subs i have? if not i'll just sell the eclipse subs and buy some that can be ported. this is where my problem lies. i cant decide on what subs or what size. 12" or 15". re audio sx series, mtx 8500, or DD audio 9500G. I listen to alot of hip hop and rap. some rock and alittle country aswell when i'm in the mood. With all this given can anyone suggest whether 12's or 15's would sound better in a civic and also which subs would use my amps wattage the most efficient. goal is to get louder but still keep some sound quality and beable to still drop and feel the lows shake the **** out of you. each amp is only 2 ohm stable so i'm up for any suggestions. i can run 1 dual 2 ohm sub or 2 dual 4 ohm subs for my amp configuration.

Thanks in advance guys

11-10-2008, 10:07 AM

Although you're head is in the right place, this belongs in the general discussion area. Just JYI for the future. ;)

It seems like all you really need to do is try a ported enclosure. If you can build it yourself and end up not liking the way it sounds, you're only out $40 worth of a materials. Although the manufacturer does not recommend it, you can port pretty much any sub. Many people have ported Eclipse subs.

If you decide to build it yourself, send me a PM if you need a design.


11-10-2008, 04:24 PM
thanks for the advice i might just do that. i already have a few box design programs. i have my measurements for the trunk, plugged them in and came out with around a 5 cubic foot box tuned to 30 hz with a 5 inch slot port. if the eclipse subs dont sound good 2.5 cubic foot is about average for most 12" subs so i can just reuse the box with some different 12's. also if a subs fs is say 32 hz would you recomend tuning above or below that hz?

11-10-2008, 05:20 PM
32 htz is a good standard. I would go with that.

11-10-2008, 08:08 PM
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12-04-2008, 08:43 AM
94 civic peak is 51 hz if its for SPL you want to tune within 8 Hz of that frequency. It will still sound very musical with no problem.