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11-09-2008, 03:40 AM
Hey guys, I am about to build a box and I wanted to make the port come through the armrest hole and I was wondering if the box was 3.5 or 4 cubes total and the port opening was 11.25"x8" how long would the port have to be to get 32hz the port will be using no side walls of the box

11-09-2008, 12:13 PM
I got 55" long. :uhoh: Maybe someone could back me up on that.

I'm using this equaiton btw


11-09-2008, 01:27 PM
That's a huge port are for a 4 cube box, but **** will it slam. You hope. Since you ask about the armrest hole, I can imagine that a folded port will not work for you, so you may have to go with 2 6" aeros stacked or: a split turned port.

I have no sketchup but, make the port come into the box and then flip 90* and go behind the subs to get more length.

11-09-2008, 01:33 PM
ok I was thinking about using this plan now. Question is if I made the port opening 8"x8.25" which still works out to 66sq. inches I wouldnt have to change the port lenght would I

11-09-2008, 02:05 PM
Well, if you did a port that had 66 sq. in. of area, the port would be 39.5" long. In your original post, you had 90 sq. in. of port, making it 55.3" long.