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11-06-2008, 07:00 PM
Hey guys,

I'm new here, but I'm friends with Phlipbak if you know him.

He recommended I come here for help.

I'm new to this, and I have an old Rockford 501s amp with 2 Premier 12's that are 400w RMS a piece if I'm not mistaken. I don't have the model numbers of those with me right now, but that's the specs I do have.

I'm interested in having a box built for these to go in my trunk.

If you're interested in building it, please get up with me via email or PM (preferably email, it's [email protected]).

Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing from you.


11-07-2008, 11:08 AM

I'll design the box for you and you can have someone closer build it. Send me a PM if you're interested.