View Full Version : subs up?

I Like Waffle
11-05-2008, 07:09 PM
I just changed my subs to face up (boxes face is angled towards rear btw) and it made them a good amount louder, even though i have maybe 2 inches between the trunk lid and them. Is there a reason for this? I dont see how having no airspace infront of them makes them louder :confused: But yea since doing some experimenting today ive figured this setup is the loudest in my car, so when i go ported with my new subs should i go subs facing up? What about port placement? Or an angled face on the new box? I may just go sealed with the new ones that way i can build the box myself and save some money, or either go with aero ports. Btw how much of an effect will dynamatting the trunk lid have?