View Full Version : Need help constructing a box

11-05-2008, 01:58 PM
It needs to be a ported 6 cu ft box for two 12" Kicker l5s

these subs are 600watts rms each and i will powering them with with a HiFonics BXI 1200 watt amp.

right now they are in an 8cu ft box tuned to 32hz powered by 1 Kicker ZX750.1

so they are only getting about half there power.
i was told that if i was to putt 600 watts to each sub like kicker says they require in the same box i have when i hit the real low frequencies it will fry the subs

so i'm wanting to do 600 watts to each sub in a 6 cu ft box since kicker requres 1.5cu ft - 3cu ft per sub

there was a link to a box calculator on here once but i cant find it anymore

can someone give me dimensions

box is going in a yukon so size really doesnt matter

11-05-2008, 06:01 PM
Well here is great web sight for all that kinda stuff from wiring subs to boxes or anything
this box calculator figures the out side measurements and then you put how thick mdf you
are using but you have to convert everything to decimals like 1/2=.5 or 3/4=.75 anyway
i hope this helps this is the sight I use all the time.