View Full Version : question about a custom sub box

10-31-2008, 01:57 PM
i want to build a sub box for one 12" L7. it is going into a quad cab dodge truck. i want to build it with the correct airspace requirements. i want it to be a vented enclosure. but in order for it to fit and not get in the way of the back seat too much my plans are as follows:
i want the sub on the floor between the seat in the back and my front console. i want to use the space under the rear seat as airspace. is that possible? the part the housed the speaker would be roughly 13"x13"x13", but then it would pass uder the seat and would go into a chamber roughly 5" tall, 13" deep, and 48" wide. these are just rough dimensions used for example. but would it be possible to do something like that? and the second question is does it matter where the vent is? i wanted it to be comming out from under the rear seat facing the front. hopefully i explained it well enough for someone to answer.