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10-29-2008, 02:09 AM
Hello. I just came across this forum browsing around on the internet and had a question so I decided to post and see if any of you experts could give me a recommendation. I am a regular forum junkie so I am sure you will see more of me around here.

I recently picked up a pair of JL Audio 10W6v2's dual voice coil subs that are going in a ported box in my coupe. The speakers are rated for 600W RMS continuous each. I am trying to figure out what amp would be best with these subs. I have seen several setups with the JL 1000/1 @4ohm and users mentioning that the amp was overkill. I have also seen setups with (2) 500/1 @ 2ohm each. I was looking at the Polk PA 1200.1 also but havent made a decision yet. Any recommendations? I am not totally set on purchasing a JL amp.

Thanks for the help and acceptance into the forum!


10-30-2008, 12:53 AM
Went ahead and purchased the 1000/1