View Full Version : Second Skin Review

10-27-2008, 06:16 PM
So it was received in an orderly manner. Shipping was very reasonable.

I immediately noticed the quality feel of the product. Its top notch stuff.
So I proceeded to install it in my doors. Could have used a little more but hell it was free :) [thanks SS, ANT]

Squeezing it along the crevices and creases was not too hard, I did it with my hands.
After that was done, I assembled everything and gave it a try.
The midbass is slightly better, but the road noise and wind reduction was a little more what I was lookin for. I love it.
My doors are very thin metal and this made a significant improvement in midbass and noise reduction.
I havent used any other kind of sound deadening to compare these to, but Im sure I'd notice some kind of difference, especially with proper testing.

Very good stuff. :greedy: Im gonna need to buy some more.