View Full Version : LAN Hard drive enclosure

10-26-2008, 11:05 AM
I used this on my local network
It is Ethernet only no USB
Has a samba server chip built in
Also DHCP Server chip
Runs IDE Hard drive
I believe it is named NetworkHDD
Works perfect, but the small cooling fan is making noise. It should be a cheap fix.

Create your own NAS (Networked Attached Storage) with a hard drive and this hard drive enclosure! You can create a networked hard drive that can be accessed using FTP or SAMBA (an open sourced SMB server that allows files on a UNIX box be shared so Windows clients can easily use them… of course if you’re a true geek you already know that!).

What’s beautiful about this is that you can create a networked backup solution for a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market.

This HD363N hard drive enclosure turns a 3.5 inch hard drive into a standalone SAMBA or FTP server. Plug in an Ethernet connection, and you have a hard drive that can be shared among the network. Use this HD363N as a personal back-up, for file sharing, and more. Its compact aluminum casing will help keep the drive cool, and it supports E-IDE/ATA 3.5″ Hard Drives including drives over 127 GB.

How about $50 shipped