View Full Version : AVN2454 Noise Problem

10-22-2008, 08:53 PM
I've had this one system in my car for quite some time and decided to change up a couple of things.

One thing that I wanted to do this time around is get rid of the "whining" noise I'm getting from the speakers.

I went through a whole lot of checks, and having the power wire come straight from the battery seemed to lessen the problem. I did notice though, that when the engine is off and the HU/Amp turn on, there is a noise coming from the speakers, even with the volume at 0. When I turn the LCD screen off, the noise goes away. I turn the screen back on, the noise comes back.

I put in another head unit I have and that one seems to not give me any whining noise, or that other noise when the car is off.

Anyone know what could be done, or if I'm doing anything wrong here? I have the ground coming from a bolt behind my center console and the power/acc coming from the battery.

Any help is appreciated!