View Full Version : 2-way driver selection help needed

Lil Poot
10-18-2008, 10:58 PM
i'm running a pair of creative sdx7 drivers in my doors active off my 880prs, and i'm looking for a tweeter that will match up to them nicely. sorry about the glare, i took them at night without opening the door. the vehicle is a 98 explorer, mids about 2 inches rearward of the stock positions, tweets high in the door. i'd like to keep them here, but to do so means running a tweeter with an outside diameter no more than 3 inches. i have a usa 4050 bridged for my tweets, so plenty of power on tap there. am i going to have better imaging with them here, keeping them closer to the other driver, as opposed to putting them low in the a-pillar?



these are the drivers i have. i realize they're not really intended as 2 way drivers, does anyone have recomendations on a possible replacement for this, something 6.5-7 inches, good midbass, preferably able to take a lot of power. i have a us acoustics usa2200 to drive them. i need something to get loud enough to keep up with my 18, which these do, but i'm definitely willing to switch out for better sound.


i've had my eye on these tweeters any opinions? i'm hoping to keep my xover point around 2k, or as low as possible.

my biggest question here, is will i likely get better sound from changing mid driver to something that is more designed for a 2-way and a more standard tweeter, or staying with my midbass oriented driver, and try to find a smallish tweeter that can accomodate a low crossover point?