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10-17-2008, 02:20 PM
Hello all, I just got referred to this site by the guys at V6F150 which I've been apart of for around 5yrs and am a big audio buff. I'm stationed at Langley AFB, VA and will be heading out next Tuesday as matter of fact to Afghanistan for 6 months. I've come here seeking knowledge on an SQ style system as opposed to SPL. Here's my specs but I'm definitely going to be browsing around checking out what more I can do while I'm waiting out my days in the sand box:

Vehicle: 2005 F150 Reg Cab
Sub-box: Supercrewsound box
Sub: Kicker solobaric L7 12" 4-ohm
Amp: Kicker ZX750.1
Amp 2: Kicker ZX200.4
Cap: Stinger 1 Farad Digital Cap
HU: Pioneer Avic D3
Front Speaks: Polk Audio db5250 Component System
Rear Speaks: Pioneer 6X8 4-way Rear Speakers TSA6881R
Other: Dynamat

10-17-2008, 02:23 PM
Get rid of the Cap. go to the electrical section here and read up on the BIG 3:D. But welcome to the forum man.

10-17-2008, 02:26 PM
Get rid of the Cap. go to the electrical section here and read up on the BIG 3:D. But welcome to the forum man.

Yeah I've been told about the cap which always starts a debate so I'll check out this Big 3 everyone keeps talking about. Back in the day as long as it worked who cared about the wiring know it's all about the low gauge stuff but at least these days I've got the money for it.

10-17-2008, 02:28 PM
Welcome to the Forum :wave:

And x2 on the cap!

10-17-2008, 02:31 PM
Yeah man you will learn that you want to beef up your electrical system first before anything if your going to do it right. cap's are just stored power basically that shoot down then shoot right back up unlike a battery. Im sure you'll read up on the BIG 3 though and you will understand where im coming from:D. But you'll see bro you wanna beef up your electrical first because of voltage draw's , light dimming , etc.....

10-17-2008, 02:45 PM
I don't want to sound like a douche already and will admit I'm not the smartest guy when it comes to car audio but I do have a degree in electronic engineering before I joined the USAF so while I never used huge capacitors or multiple batteries with low gauge wiring I do understand the concept which is why I don't understand what all the cap fuss is about. So we all know that the least resistance is better for many reasons and depending on what length a vehicles is the wiring length should be very minimal. So while I agree lower gauge wire should be used for obvious reasons what's the big debate against the cap? It doesn't hurt anything, it's basically the middle man from the system to the battery, the system ***** the power from the cap giving the alternator time to charge up the battery so it doesn't take direct hits which can cause headlight dimming etc. My old Ranger truck did that so instead of rewiring the crappy system I had at the time I just dumped a cap, cheezy but effective. Don't mean to start a huge debate and I'll do my research because I'm sure there are plenty of threads like this but to me it sounds like both "big 3" and a cap should be utilized. No worries though and I'm sure I learn the ways in no time.