View Full Version : diameter of cutout for sub woofer

07-08-2003, 07:36 PM
my cut for my sub was supposed to be 11 1/8 in. when i cut the circle i had no pattern and didn't exactly cut to 11 1/8 in. about a 1/4 inch off at it's greatest differrence, will htis affect the quality of the sound or my box.

07-08-2003, 07:44 PM
As long as your screws have enough wood to bite into and the seal is air-tight, you should be fine.

07-08-2003, 07:48 PM
the sub i an installing an ed a 12, has a rubberring oround it, does this act as a seal once screwed in, and do i need to buy weatherstripping. finally, is liquid nails sufficent for making a speaker terminal air tight.

NOTE: when building boxes, go thee extra mile and use fiber glass, carpeting has to be the biggest pain in the bass. in fact i'm considering opening a sweatshop in veitnam and having six year olds carpet boxes. lololololol

07-08-2003, 07:54 PM
yes this rubber does act like a seal. But if it isnt tight in the first place it might not work. Its kindof like a last thing just to make sure.

You dont need weather stripping i just put my 15s in

liquid nails works very well for air tightness