View Full Version : Disarming viper 791xv without remote

10-15-2008, 02:24 PM
Long story short, I don't have my remote for starting/arming/disarming my car anymore, it's just sitting in the driveway, I do however have keys to it, but the alarm will go off for 90 secs (it's currently armed) if I unlock the car with the keys but I don't think that will necessarily disarm it, I've read about a valet mode but don't know if pushing that valet button three times will disarm it. I just need to disarm my car somehow without the viper remote, can anybody help me out? Thanks and peace.

10-15-2008, 02:28 PM
there should be a switch you can flip, or the valet button should do it.

This happened on my durango when my remote was out of battery life. I popped it open with the key, alarm went off, I THINK i pressed that button 3 times, and it went off, and the starter kill disengaged.

10-15-2008, 02:29 PM
The valet button will disarm it as long as the door is open and the key is in the 'on' position.

10-15-2008, 02:32 PM
Thanks guys, I'll give it a try.

10-15-2008, 02:36 PM
I turned the car to ON, and pressed the button three times and the alarm kept going off, kept doing it then it just stopped, but the blue alarm LED is still flashing, but now it's flashing three times fast instead of two times slowly. Not sure what I did but I don't think I disarmed it.

10-15-2008, 02:41 PM
Anyway to completely disarm the alarm so I can drive my car? Lol.

10-15-2008, 02:43 PM
Finally got it, I just pressed it twice, but did it slowly and it disarmed, thanks guys for the help.

10-15-2008, 02:44 PM
Anyway to completely disarm the alarm so I can drive my car? Lol.

cut all the wires going to it

10-19-2008, 05:09 PM
cut all the wires going to it

wrong. the starter kill is normally open so if you cut all the wires.... you cant start the car! unless you know which wire is your starter and you recconnect it