View Full Version : Alpine ida-X001 and ipod nano...nice match

Kai Winters
10-11-2008, 08:50 PM
Hi all,
I have owned the x001 for 18 months or so and have enjoyed it quite a bit. It has been a pleasure to rid myself of the cd's and have all my music on a usb drive.
I also use an mp3 player at work to listen to music and old time radio shows.
It is still a bit cumbersome to transfer files to the mp3 player (cheap insignia 2gb) back and forth and it is sometimes a bit of a nuisance to grope around in the cubby for a usb drive...all while driving of course hehehe...containing what I want to listen to...of course it is not on the drive connected (I have 2 8gb usb drives)...

So after much internet research and talking to people owning them...my daughter and her boyfriend as well as other youngsters LOL...I bought a 4th gen ipod nano 16gb and am really glad I did.

It could not have been easier to set up. Though they give you little to no info in the package. You have to get it all online but I downloaded the manual at work and let them pick up the tab for paper and ink hehehe....85 pages whew!
Downloading and installing itunes was a piece of cake. It was also easy to create folders and playlists for the varied genres. 99% of my music is from cd's and the rest are from Real Player. My Old Time Radio files are from online and everything is in mp3 320kbs format. Moving all my files into itunes and their varied folders/files was simple. Adding album artwork was a bit of a chore but worth the effort. I did run into a problem trying to add album covers to the Real Player songs and learned (from a very helpful person at ipod customer service) that I could not add the cover art to those files...ah well not that big a deal.

I synched everything to the ipod manually...don't like auto anything...and it was easy and worked flawlessly.
The ipod itself is amazingly easy to use and the image clarity is quite good.

I used the supplied, by the x001, ipod cable and it worked great when I connected the ipod to the x001. All the choices are available via the hu and it is a nice touch to see the ablum cover on the screen for each song...though for the songs without ablum art Alpine uses a generic Alpine logo pseudo cover which is fine.
One of the reviews spoke highly about the audio chip the new nano uses and it is indeed quite good. I was very pleased by the audio quality.
I now have my complete music collection ,many of my old time radio programs (have 42gb of otr programs) and photos of my family on the ipod with 4gb of available space. Not bad at all for $200.

10-14-2008, 07:13 AM
Nothing to say bad about my iPod Nano or iTunes. Well one thing, the sroll bar can be a pain in the arse once in a while. That is about it. Had my Nano close to a year and works flawlessly. I also have a direct connect deck for it, and works like a gem!

Kai Winters
10-14-2008, 11:04 AM
I have some songs I bought from Real Player and while they show up in a ipod created list called "unsupported" and the playlist I created they play fine. They are mp3 format. I am unable to add album art to them but otherwise no problem.
The customer service rep at ipod, very good service, said it is because of the file type Real Player uses and some songs may not play at all but all my songs do so no worries.
I do find it much easier to by a song at itunes compared to Real Player. I like itunes quite a bit.
Thanks for the input big...