View Full Version : 4 ports for one box? daaaamn das a lot

d audio 450
07-04-2003, 10:18 PM
4 2 inch ports 16.7 inches long

now if thats what i need to get my B15 in a 2.7cuft enclosure tuned to 26Hz

i beleive it's the area of the port that matters....if this is that case, could i go with 2 ports that are 2x as big as the 2x16.7 ones?

07-04-2003, 10:20 PM
so long as the port area is met, I don't think it matters what size you use... ecept for port turbulence. I guess having 4 X 2" ports would reduce it.

d audio 450
07-04-2003, 10:53 PM
yea, port noise is definitley something i dont want....anyway i can avoid it...i will...