View Full Version : Looking for DVD/CD/AM-FM no screen necessary

10-01-2008, 02:47 PM
I'm looking for a new HU for my wife's '02 VW Eurovan. The car currently has the factory cassette head unit/cd changer and a Boss DVD player transmitting audio via a FM transmitter to the radio. There is one LCD in the headliner.

I'd like to get a new HU that can

play DVDs and CDs
have a good tuner
Matches the red button, bluish purple display of the VW
No screen on the HU is necessary but I'm open to having one
Bluetooth would be a big plus, but not a requirement

Budget is $250

I have no plans on upgrading the speakers or adding amps/sub at the moment, maybe in a year or two. I have seen XO Vision/Boss/Pyle decks that fit the bill, but after researching these brands on the forum I'm going to stay away.