View Full Version : Whats the speaker size for the 4 runner?

07-03-2003, 02:08 PM
Got a 6 1/2 inch alpine 2 way speak for the front and it kind of fits. I had to add holes and screws that wernt origionally there. However the rear speaker is alot smaller and i dont know what size it is. Does anyone know? My 4 runner is a 1997 the rear speaker in on the door.

07-03-2003, 02:12 PM

Make use of their vehicle database and the "What Fits?" section.

- Steve

07-09-2003, 01:55 AM

I just finished up installing and fixxing up some stuff on my fathers 01' 4runner.
I had to basically remove the whole mess of a stereo syystem that this one shop installed for him while I was away in college. :rolleyes:

He eneded up getting ripped and having the installer tell him that there's no way to install 6.5" speakers in the back and ended up sellin some ****** 4" alpines to him.

Well enough on that. I was able to fit 6.5's in all 4 doors. The door panels are a bit flimsy for a truck that retails for $40k...... So you can either cut the original plastic grill out of the panel using a dremel or the like, then make some mdf adapters to bring the speaker ontop of the door panel. (you could probaly get away just using wood screws and mount the speakers just to the plastic panel.) I know its tricky working around those dumb side pockets in the 4runner....but do-able with a little patience) The front is exactly 6.5 once you cut the original grill off. The rear doorpanles have a 5.5" opening so if your using a dremel or something.....use the sanding bit to shave that extra .5" - .75" to fit a 6.5" through it. :cool:

And if you ever plan on using those a-pilars for tweets or anything...they easily are modified to pressure fit a 1" tweeter into the stock locatons...by simply cutting the grill out and sanding a bit.

Overall, its a pretty quick install if you know what works in that car. Its a b!tch finding spots for amps in that car though........not to mention a vcr and ps2 ;)
If you ever plan on doing any of that, I squeezed the ps2 and vcr under the front seats and simply made a fasle floor in the back for the amplifiers and any other goodies. :D