View Full Version : Help..8 Speakers One Four Channel

07-01-2003, 07:16 AM
I just pulled evrything out of my Civic and sold the car. It included boston acoutics 6x9, 5.25 front conponents, xtant 4x100 and a pansonic flip screen. I'm sell the head unit and keepin the amp and speakers.

In my caddy I already installed 4x6 plates in the dash and a apline 7897 (baddest head unit I have ever owned). I plan to put the 6x9s and the conponents in the caddy and install the amp but it is a 4 channel.

How should I wire it up? Is it possible to run the whole interior off that one amp or should I just run the 6x9's and conponents off the amp and the 4x6 off the head unit with some bass blockers?

But this is the things. On my head unit if can turn off the internal amp in it the sound quality of the system will improve.

07-03-2003, 10:23 AM
You should be able to do it provided that your amp is 2ohm stable. Try to match up the speakers with each other...see which ones sound the closest with each other and try to find a happy medium with the gains and x-over settings. I would not suggest running a set off each channel, you will loose you left/right seperation.