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06-30-2003, 12:37 AM
Ok, can anyone tell me what my port area in (width and height) and length(depth) would need to be for a box with these dimensions. 32.25"L x 18"D x 16"H, the box being tuned to 32 hz.

It is for two edk 12 dvc 4 ohm with the Avionixx 800.2. i just don't seem to be doing whatever you are supposed to do in Winisid right or http://www.loudspeakers101.com/VentCal1.htm. Ideally I would keep the length as short as possible as I don't really want to bend it along the back(but id this is the only feasible option then so be it to avoid excessive port noise. )

I really would appreciate the help, this is getting quite frustrating for me

06-30-2003, 10:37 AM

06-30-2003, 08:37 PM
Whats the xmax?

07-01-2003, 12:06 AM
16.3 mm