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09-16-2008, 02:25 PM
After two months too long here is the long awaited review. I apologize to those of whom I told I would do this a while ago.

First off I would like to Don Amann (6spdcoupe) for tirelessly helping me with this endeavor! Don was able to spend a whole weekend with minimal sleep making sure that these drivers were able to be installed properly. Don's attention to detail and skillful installation ability was awesome. I highly recommend using his services; whether for purchasing Dynaudio or Tru Technology products among others or for getting a high quality installation. Don will make sure you are taken care of!

So on to the review! First off this is all in a car that was totaled. Over 1000 man hours of installation time was spent in getting the Alty to where it was.

System Composition:
2005 Nissan Altima 3.5SE
Head Unit -- Sony ES C-90
Processor -- Sony ES XDP4000X
Amps -- Two Arc Audio SE 2150, Two Arc SE 2300
Cable -- IXOS IXOTICA Interconnects and Gti Speaker Wire
Front Stage Drivers -- Dynaudio ESOTAR MD330D, ESOTAR2 650, ESOTEC MW182 (I did have an eD 9kv.3 as a front sub in the center under dash prior to the 182's)
Subwoofers -- Two Arc Audio Flatlines

Driver Impression: The basket is a low profile stamped steel design. This is not the claw like forged basket like most of the other drivers by Dynaudio. IMO opinion this makes it much more installer friendly allowing them to be installed in a shallow location. The flange is two pieced with the gasket made of rubber and is able to be removed. The screw holes are nice and adequate. The terminals are easy to access and sturdy. The cone is the normal proprietary poly cone with the integrated dust cap. All in all this is a quality Dynaudio product. The Danes know how to build a great speaker.

Installation: The driver was mounted to a highly damped door on a mdf baffle. There is an estimated 50 sq ft of B-Quiet Ultimate on each door. A rubber deflection pad was installed behind the driver. The pads are design to keep standing waves from returning back through the speaker causing nasty spikes in frequency response. I will never install another car with out these. 11 gauge IXOS Gti Gamma Geometry speaker wire was ran from one of the SE2300's feeding each driver 330 watts. The plastic inner door skin was carved out for clearance tolerances.

Listening: For critical listening I have a few songs that I like to use specifically for mid-bass. The song Prodigal Blues by Billy Idol from his Charmed Life disc is a great lower mid-bass upper sub-bass track. The song starts off with a low rumble containing pulsing electronic drum beats. The rumble calls for ambience and authority which the 182's exhibited effortlessly. The MW182's were able to take care of this without any problems. Normally my Flatlines need to be brought into the mix, they did not this time. The second song was Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. This song has an awesome drum solo with toms. A few things to point out, one a more precise stereo image was present over the single sub, two authority is exponential on each hit, and finally the articulation of each drum beat was spot on. If reproduced properly this song should send chills up and down your spine. It definitely did, I could have listened to that track over and over!! After listening to these specific track I listened to a variety of genre's of music. Each genre asked the drivers to perform in a certain way, one thing that stuck out was the articulation of the instruments. Kicks drums, bass guitar, and other bass producing instruments all became more defined. These drivers made music even more enjoyable.

In conclusion I have another driver for life. I do not need to by another mid-bass driver unless this one fails. My front stage is pure awesome. From 20k to 30hz I am ear to ear smiles. These drivers are made for creating music accurately and honestly. The cello, contra bass, and bass clarinet all sound like they would if I were there for a live performance. Lets be honest for regular pop rock music I don't need subwoofer with the MW-182's upfront, very few producers are mixing freqs that low. Then again there is the IASCA disc that I have to perform

Bottom Line -- This must be your next mid-bass purchase!!!

09-17-2008, 06:44 AM
Cleaning and grille mesh were next on the to do list. Notice how well the hole lined up with the driver. Dispersion was nice!!

Door mounted photo... enough said...

Three for one... Deflex pad, Heat shrinked and loomed IXOS Gti Speaker wire, and a sturdy decoupled speaker baffle